Online Multilingual Statistical Computing Reference 


Funded by the Digital Resource Development Initiative Grant from GSE&IS, UCLA, the first phase of the Online Multilingual Statistical Computing Reference (OMSCR) Session of the OSCR project is now successfully completed.


We, the OSCR team, spent over 60 hours during the summer of 2020 in translating a part of educational posts of data science from English to Chinese. We also plan to translated more contents into Chinese and other languages. We believe this knowledge sharing across language will benefit students and scholars who are interested in learning and using Data Science methods in an English context but has an other language as their first language. 

As a group of researchers ourselves, we are happy to have this opportunity to "escape" from developing new contents, but to "communicate" inclusively with students and scholars who have different needs. Especially with the influence of the ongoing pandemic, the boarders of many countries are currently closed to foreigners - students and scholars who now have to joining the scheduled study or research remotely often suffer from the lack of information sharing within the academic communities. During this very special time, OSCR and OMSCR could stand as the medium of experience sharing and help those students and scholars to start their remote academic communication more smoothly. 


In a world where uncertainty becomes the new norm, people sometimes question what they are doing. However, we, the OSCR team never question the importance of of our work - obtaining and sharing knowledge, establishing and fostering communication, and finally accelerating Data Science Education and Application. 


We hope you enjoy our 13 new posts in Chinese and nearly 60 posts in English and start the journey of applying Data Science in your work and study soon!

The OSCR Team

Sep 8, 2020