What is the OSCR Project?


The Online Statistical Computing Reference for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (OSCR) Project is an online learning and teaching platform for students and scholars to enhance their statistical and data analytical skills through multimedia online guidelines. We also provide tutorial contents and research suggestions in multiple languages (OMSCR). Our ultimate goal is to create an open scholarly communication environment for the Data-driven Research Community globally.

OSCR is Fast Growing

A Brief History

This project is initiated by Lizhou Fan and first supervised by Dr. Miles Chen in August 2019. During the initial phase of research, Prof. Miriam Posner, Huizi Yu, Kaixin Wang together with the two founding scholars create the scope, the structure, and many high quality posts. 

From January to April 2020, Dr. Ashley Sanders, Vice Chair of the Digital Humanities Program, UCLA, collaborate with the OSCR project to create an experimental Digital Humanities research course (DH199). With Lizhou Fan as a facilitator/TA of the course, Priyana Patel, Eustina Kim, Vicki Truong, Michelle Lee, and Kedaar Sridhar test the beta version of the OSCR platform and evaluate the platform as both users and contributors. 

Starting June 2020, OSCR expend its scope to include the multilingual contents and to advocate international scholarly communication. 


Funding and Supervision

This project is partly funded by Digital Resource Development Initiative (DRDI) of Information Studies Department, GSE&IS, UCLA.

We also appreciate the kind support and inspiring suggestions provided by Dr. Miles Chen, Prof. Miriam Posner, and Dr. Ashley Sanders in various phases of this project.